Why is the information about this house different on some sites than here?
Many sites scrape other real estate and advertising sites, and then syndicate their listings to other sites with data to produce traffic, and sell ads and leads to agents. Information and or photos can be different, extremely outdated, and or completely wrong. Sizes, taxes, values, insurance, and features are inaccurate, deceptive guesses, misstated, or based on some kind of formula  or algorithm, that is not true, relative or accurate. Appreciation and depreciation rates, and appraisals are guesstimates made without adequate or accurate information. Tax and insurance information is usually 2-5 years out of date. Many real estate sites are grossly outdated 5-10 years and most information is incorrect. Most Google and Bing views and information has not been updated for 10 years. So called value estimates for homes are consistently incorrect and bear no relationship to an appraisal. Square footage listed for this house is not correct for most sites. This is the ONLY accurate, up to date, reliable source of information on this property. 

What is Abode.ML?
Abode Multi List is about your next Abode. As in your place of residence; house or home. It is about one site with loads of information about 200 Midway Estates Dr. Terry, MS.

How can I see the house?
Use the Book Your Viewing or Contact link  and we will confirm with you ASAP.

How do I make an offer?
Present us with a contract and deposit. We will respond with an acceptance, counter offer or refusal within 48 hours. We can provide a MS contract form, or if you wish,  use your own or have one prepared by an attorney.

What is the usual and customary amount of deposit to put down upon submitting a contracted offer?
It is at least a minimum of $2,000 and a maximum of $10,000. 3% is the “usual and customary” amount.

Why no agent?
We are passing the savings on to you. According to Quicken Loans, “If you’re buying a home directly from the owner, you don’t have to pay agent fees. You and the seller can talk directly without dealing with the pressure and possibly self-interested goals of an agent. You can discuss your specific goals and attempt to build a rapport with the owner that can really help the process. You might have a better bargaining opportunity. Since the seller isn’t paying the 5-6% agent commission, he/she can afford to sell the home for less than a listed house. The owner knows the home and the neighborhood much better than an agent would, so he/she can point out all of the home’s perks, as well as answer your questions about the neighbors, the area, the schools, etc.”

How will closing be handled?
1. Acquire a For Sale By Owner real estate form. We can provide a MS contract form, or if you wish,  use your own or have one prepared by an attorney.
2. Buyer acquires loan if home is financed.
3. A real-estate attorney will be hired who can help review all of the paperwork.
4. We will work with your appraiser if one is required.
5. Both parties will verify that all details agreed to in the contract have been met.
6. Hire a title agency/and or attorney to close the sale and provide a closing venue.
7. Agree on a closing date that is acceptable to all parties.
8. Determine closing costs and how you will pay them.
9. We will contact our mortgage lender to determine the mortgage payoff amount.
10. Both parties arrange for a moving out and in.
11. We will cancel all our utilities.
12. You will arrange for your new utilities and mail forwarding.
13. Hand over the keys, garage door openers, and warranties to the buyer at the closing table.

Q: Can I buy this home and sell my current one at the same time?
Yes we will accept a contingent on sale contract until you sell your home, but we will continue to advertise and show it. If another buyer wants it immediately and or presents an accepted, non contingent contract, it can nullify your contract.

Q: How quickly can I close?
Usually 30-45 days

Q: Can I have a real estate agent contact you?
We would prefer not to have an agent or other third party involved in the offer process.

Q: Is there a warranty?
Yes, we will purchase a Home Owners 1 year warranty at closing.


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